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Aura’s Photo

We work with two of the most contemporary scientific methods of Aura Photography which are called Crownscopy and Aurabook distributed by Bioentech. Bioentech collaborates with the Centre of Telemetry and Biomedical Technology (Telebiomet) founded in the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics.

Crownscopy is a method to evaluate Energy and Psychological state of the patient based on the analysis of crown discharge captured around the patient’s fingers in a high frequency electromagnetic field. It represents a method for discovering of the physiological, psycho-emotional, and energetic status of a human being.

The Crownscopy helps to solve the following tasks:

Human condition based upon his/her aura.

monitoring the psycho physiological and energy state of the patient;

health risk assessment by measuring and visualising energetic condition of certain organs and systems;

predilection of certain organs to illnesses;

selection of healing methods;

revealing hidden psychosomatic problems;

observation and visual demonstration of the dynamics of changes in psychoenergy and physiological state of the patient before and after treatments, seminars and custom methods;

evaluation of energy centres (chakras);


The Aurabook is a contemporary device which is used to take an aura-photo and it gives us valuable information regarding the color of the aura, the state of the energy centers (chakras), the balance of both Yin-Yang and the five elements. Through the use of this remarkable technology, we gain a deeper insight into our emotional – mental states, heal and spiritual well-being.

After taking the aura-photo, I will explain to you everything that your aura manifests and which part of your life, health, spirit, emotional state, personality has problems, where they come from and how they can be improved. You can use this analysis as a reference point where you can personally evaluate with another aura-photo taken the following months, whether your energy state has been improved after treatment.