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– Nelson Mandela –

Cosmic energy

The Cosmic Energy Healing is a holistic energy healing method that has its roots in the past of Tibet. Tibetan monks practiced it and were aware of the direct impact of cosmic energy on human beings on natural spiritual and mental level centuries ago. It was introduced to West the last decades by Russian scientists. Russia’s Universities have conducted laboratory studies on the results of systematic work with the specific energy frequencies and these studies have demonstrated and proved the effect of the process in living organisms. Today Cosmic Energy Treatment is taught in Moscow University and is the only alternative method of treatment that has been identified by the World Health Organisation.

Healing with Cosmic Energy is a holistic method that helps man to gain physical and mental health, improve life and evolve. The energy used by the therapist consists of already existing energy frequencies, waves of light particles flowing in the Universe. There are numerous energy frequencies applied with this method during the healing and they have different properties aiming at compensation of different diseases and disorders. They are applied both to the energy field, aura, and the physical body of human being.

Specifically, treatment with Cosmic Energy acts in the following ways:

1. Cleans the energy body, namely the aura, of negative feelings and thoughts that create blockages.

2. Stops the loss of energy from the aura by interrupting energy connections such as those who are unconsciously kept with people who have “left life” or with old mates.

3. The size and quality of the aura is significantly increased thus protecting humans from external influences.

4. Restores the function of the seven energy centers drastically by improving the flow of energy in the body.

5. Synchronizes the operation of the three bodies of man: Physical-Emotional-Mental.

6. It affects in a therapeutic way the physical body, improving the healing of any kind of disease, depending always on the mental-spiritual human condition and the stage of the disorder.

7. Removes disorders such as sadness, anxiety, fear, insomnia, panic attacks from the phycho-emotional body.

8. Improves the functions of the mental body, increases memory and the special skills of the individual.

9. The energy electromagnetic field of man is cleaned, growing, balancing and getting protected thereby he is able to experience more energy, clarity, balance, become more creative, improve relationships, and grow in all areas of his life.

10. As a consequence of all the above, man walks through the path of awareness and consciousness. He starts to find answers to questions and find out the causes of the problems. Perceives and understands his path to evolution. He is linked with his Inner Self and reconnects with Universal Divine Source thereby he starts taking over the charge and the responsibility of his life.