Let your spirit flow with spiritgrowth!


Presentation How to find the deep meaning of our lives.

Carl Gustav Jung, one of the fathers of psychology and psychoanalysis believed that all people have the need for internal development which in turn will lead them to the discovery of purpose and meaning of life and thus to inner balance.

We have four different tools to offer you that can help in your personal path to self-knowledge and personal development.

– Diagnosis and Aura analysis through crownscopy & aurabook device.

– Cosmic Energy and Zoroastrianism as holistic healing method.

– Therapeutic CDs for reprogramming the mind.

– Remedies (including diagnostic session).

– Education until last initiation into the Cosmic Energy.

– Education until last instance initiations in Zoroastrianism.

– Aura coaching.

With the tools offered by the Spirit Growth team, we can provide assistance to each personality type depending on what fits to it and what it wants. In short, having the exact diagnosis and realizing the causes of the problems, if you are a person open to influence energy, choose the method of Cosmic Energy.If you are a person of feelings ,flower essences .If you are a person of reason ,therapeutic cd’s.

We will be glad to share with you a pleasant way to discover the deeper meaning of life.