No soul can not see the nice if this is not the same good!
– Plotinus –


Zoroastrianism practices communication with the light cosmic egregores (angels, frequencies, gods, archangels – different names for egregores).

Zoroastrianism not only extends human capabilities. They are perfecting a structure of energetic body and increase consciousness, giving the man a new awareness of himself. This method accelerates the process of healing and spiritual development. It affects all bodies of man (physical – etheric – emotional – mental – karmic – spiritual – Buddha – Atma). The reason this treatment is more effective is that this technique has the power to relieve the people quickly and gently from energy blockages in all forms. Characteristic of this method is that the initiated healer seek and prays for the help of the luminous entities (egregores) provided that he is cleansed, have a strong energetic body and requests from the bottom of his heart.

Zoroastrianism is a completely independent method from Cosmo energy and it contains a different type of energy and techniques. These two methods can be combined and they are extremely effective and accelerating in resolving all negative situations.

The Zoroastrianism as a Therapeutic Technique does not have a religious character and does involve neither the initiate nor the patients, to the Ancient Persian Religion.